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Our business model is simple and straightforward. We will support all of your current and future EDI Gateway needs.

Strategic Challenges and Uncertainty in Healthcare

As a health plan executive, you are confronted with a myriad of challenges and limited resources to effectively react to and plan for changes in your market. Increasing use of clinical data and analytics in patient care, ongoing changes in reimbursement models, and growing pressure on health plans to continue to demonstrate value are forcing plans to reconsider how resources are allocated. Focusing resources on 40 year old EDI technology makes less and less sense, given all the competitive realities in the healthcare marketplace.


Latest News

The $360 Billion Healthcare Time Bomb

Today, Health Plans and providers have no shortage of challenges when it comes to cost containment, strategic prioritization, resource allocation, and an increasingly competitive environment. Commercial, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Medicare and Medicaid organizations are confronted with increased commoditization and the need to migrate their more traditional expertise toward patient-centric, inter-operable services. Meeting these needs requires a far more robust IT infrastructure, updated employee skill sets and a subscriber base demanding more actionable financial and clinical information...

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We are not a clearinghouse

Issues related to service, ownership structure, cost containment and conflicting interest have caused frustration and resistence in the EDI outsourcing space. EDI Partners Healthcare is your better choice.

  • We are not a clearinghouse. Our customer is you, the health plan.
  • Over 22 years EDI Managed Services experience across multiple industries
  • Network with over 250,000 providers and more than 10,000,000 subscribers
  • Focused on reducing cost while maintaining exceptional service levels
  • Flexible in processing non-standard EDI such as 834 enrollments, proprietary, and binary formats
  • Agile in meeting current requirements and future needs

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