Portal Optimization (Stage 1)

EDIP-HC will team with the Plan to perform an assessment and examine the current state of the Portal (the As Is) with knowledgeable IT, business and clinical staff, and identify areas where the Portal is at risk of failure due to administrative and clinical data requirements as defined by the Plan's existing and future data and business strategies (the To Be). Based on the assessment, a report will be created and presented identifying areas of successful and satisfactory operations, as well as risk areas where potential failure or conflict could occur. Recommendations will be presented in the report enabling the Plan to decide on an implementation strategy going forward, which could include continued maintenance and partial renovation, total renovation and replacement of the existing Portal, or outsourcing the Portal to a vendor.

The value is to help the Plan understand the cost and risk of current Portal operations. A scorecard is presented identifying the potential risk and impacts on current operations from implementing new data requirements including a bi-directional clinical data exchange program and recommendations to mitigate those risk. An optimized solution is presented through the recommendations provided in the Scorecard and Executive Report, giving the Plan the tools and knowledge to make the best strategic decisions going forward.