Portal Renovation (Stage 2)

EDIP-HC will team with the Plan and assist in the development and implementation of a Portal Project Plan. Options include:

  • Perform maintenance and partial Portal renovation
  • Perform renovation of the Portal incorporating leading software and technologies
  • Identify an existing Plan Provider Portal that aligns with the Plan’s requirements and re-platform, renovate and replace the existing Portal. An example is BCBS of Louisiana’s iLinkBlue Portal
  • Outsource the Provider Portal operations to a vendor. An example is Availity

The value is to allow the Plan to take advantage of the most current and cost-effective IT solutions that meet and exceed the requirements in support of their business solutions going forward, while at the same time being in alignment with existing IT functionality and strategies. We know and understand that in order for any renovation project to be successful, it must fit and align with existing IT and business operations and strategies.